It has been a very busy year with Workshops and the Summer Festival. Just wanted to inform you that I will be holding my last workshop for 2016 at the end of November, after that, I will be going on maternity leave and preparing to adjust to life with another baby! The shop will stay open until Christmas Eve, with lots of Christmas goodies coming out in early October.

On that note, we are sad to inform you that the last trading day for the Owl & Lion will be the 24th of December 2015. Not only will I have my hands full with two little ones, the Shop and Bindery will be moving to be based in Sydney, Australia.

While the our main workshop will be in Sydney, we also join forces with Thistle Bindery in Singapore, with regular Courses held there – no exact date planned as to opening date yet but I expect to open again in late 2017 and Classes in Singapore will start in mid 2016. I know this will disappoint some of you but I will keep my online shop better updated with stock, to purchase any of my prints and books in the meantime. There will also be a main gallery in Edinburgh who will continue to keep some prints and books in stock.

While regular Bookbinding Workshops will not be taking place in Edinburgh, I do have plans to be back for Summer Masterclasses periodically. Of course you can always visit us in Sydney and Singapore :)

We have had the privilege to meet many amazing Artists, Writers, Craftspeople, Bookbinding students, Customers, Owls Fanatics, Clients, Neighbouring Shopkeepers and generally anyone who just happen to stop by to chat. Thanks again for all your friendship and support throughout the last 8 years it has been an awesome experience. See you in OZ!

Isabelle Ting - Owl & Lion - December 2016

Our teaching season for 2016 will solely be for individual tuition on a one-to-one masterclass, bookable for dates in April and May on Wednesdays and Thursdays only
Choose from one or a combination of the following technique:

Mononoke - £80 - 2hrs
Catepelose - £100 - 3hrs
Tristan & Isolde - £150 - 4hrs
Orpheus & Eurydices - £180 - 5hrs
Bassanio - £120 - 3hrs
Vincent - £250 - 10hrs

full course information can be found in our workshop section of the website.