Tristan & Isolde - Technical Masterclass


Tristan & Isolde - Traditional Bookbinding for Beginners
Date: Private Booking
Time: One Day 9am – 3pm (with tea and lunch break)
Price: $300.00 per course
All materials and tools are provided
Every student completes the class with two finished books

Course Information:
This is without doubt one of the best course aimed at absolute beginners level, The case binding is the most common, general purpose binding structure in use by binders.. What sets it apart from other case bindings is that the cover boards and spine stiffener are joined together with a strip of sturdy paper before covering. This allows the covers to be fit precisely to the textblock, especially at the joint and fore-edge. For this reason the structure is also very well suited to beginners. Books using this structure are generally covered in full cloth, paper, or a combination of the two.

What techniques will we cover?
This course is designed to provide a good working knowledge of materials and techniques. You will develop skills in both the production and design of hand made books enabling you to go onto more complex and experimental bindings. Traditional book structures are explored, using materials that will endure over time. Buckram and cloth are combined with decorative elements to create two beautiful books, a Lover's Pair.

By the end of this course you should be able to:
• learn skills fundamental to hand bookbinding and be able to repeat and practice all the skills learned.
• use a variety of tools and materials and how to apply them to the sewing and construction of your book.
• learn grain direction, paper cutting, sewing sections and covering, select and use appropriate materials