MONONOKE - Exposed sewing with tapes - Tuesday 19th February 2019


TUTOR: Isabelle Ting McGowan
DATES: Tuesday 19th February 2019
TIME: 10am - 2pm
COST: $100

Ideal for:
For those who are at a Beginners level and above

Course description:
This course focus on gorgeous spine work with multiple sections sewing at advance level. This is a complex and very beautiful stitch that is sewn onto tapes and the book block, offering a challenge and inspiration for students at every level.

Course content:
This course will look at sewing across the spine onto tape support. Whether you choose to keep your design traditional or interpret the technique with a more modern twist, you will learn a wealth of fun decorative possibility to add to your binding repertoire.

Learning outcome:
By the end of this course you should be able to:
- make decorative sewing a part of your binding expression
- add visual drama to your one-of-a-kind books by incorporating the actual sewing of a book as part of its decoration.
- Incorporate the use of ribbons and leather tapes into your books

Workshop written and delivered by Isabelle Ting McGowan © 2018 Isabelle Ting McGowan. All rights reserved.